Coconut oil is considered a “super food” that is very under-utilized in the country. Honestly, I didn’t know much about it up until a couple years ago, but since learning about all of its uses and benefits, I’ve incorporated coconut oil into my daily health regimen.

To this day, research continues to find amazingly resourceful ways to have coconut oil changing lives. From weight loss, reduced cravings, helping your heart, boosting energy and so many more beneficial results from using this “healthy” fat on a daily basis.

Here Are Some Important Facts You May Not Know About Coconut Oil:

But in this article, I want to focus on how coconut oil can aid in weight loss and be your best beauty secret!

How Does Coconut Oil Aid in Weight-Loss?

How Can Coconut Oil be Used As A Beauty Secret?

How Much Coconut Oil Should Be Consumed Daily?

This all depends on each person’s individual needs, goals and preferences. I like to stick to one tablespoon a day, sometimes spread in smaller portions throughout the day depending on my meals. If I’m using it for cooking, I’ll use 1/4 tbs-1/2 tbs per meal, making sure I’m still only consuming 1 tbs a DAY. (This route, I use for sautéing or baking.) Some nutritional professionals recommend one serving prior to each meal, resulting in 3tbs a day (if you do three meals a day). If that’s what you’d like, that’s up to you! I prefer to stick to 1tbs, and I don’t prefer it eat it as is… Also note, coconut oil can be taken in capsule form instead of eating the oil itself!