I am like any of you-I wake up, usually have a few lumps from whatever strange angle that I slept in and do my best to look presentable to the world.


Well, my friends, I am on my way to achieving this goal and I would like to pass along some great looks that can really save the day and make you say “I woke up like this”, proudly.


I love this look, I feel like a cute Swedish maid, with sass. And it is super easy. Here are the steps:


  • Part your hair down the middle, going all the way to the back
  • Braid each side and tie at the bottom (I use small clear rubber bands)
  • Wrap one braid up and across one side, on top, of your head
  • With bobby pins, secure the braid down
  • Do the same on the opposite side!


It is seriously cute and could be worn by boho babes and grungy girls, alike




Every girl wants to look like Kendal right now and she has a great signature sleek look. Her hair is always parted in the middle and smoothed down the back.


This is a PERFECT look to get rid of those lumps that I inevitably wake up with.


To achieve this look

  • Brush out your hair
  • With a spray bottle (invest in one, it’s like $1.00 at your local dollar store) saturate your hair with water, starting at the root.
  • Make sure that you spray and brush, to create a shape and smooth out the lumps.
  • Tuck the hair behind the ear and push your hair to the back.
  • Allow to air dry and the style will stay naturally


You can always chuck on some earrings and a choker to give you that sleek and chic look that Kendal always seems to have.




Having been a dancer for all of those years really pulled off in so many ways. I learned how to apply false eyelashes by the age of 10, how to keep leotards from riding up your bum and how to get the PERFECT large and round bun.


When this finally became a thing, I was already years ahead of the game. And now you get my nuggets of wisdom:


You will only need bobby pins for this look! Do not worry if your hair is thick, my hair is extremely thick and I never use a hair tie or clips.


Before I tell you the steps I want to give everyone a tip to be able to tell where the bun should be placed:


Follow the line of your cheekbones with your hands, gathering the hair as you go, until you have made a pony tail. This will be high or low, depending on your bone structure.  The key is to follow the line of your cheek bones, this is where your bun should be placed for the most flattering symmetry of your face.


If you wish to keep up with the trends, you are more the welcome to do the High Bun-whatever you prefer!


Once you have the placement sorted out, simply start to twist the hair and wrap into a circle, making the bun. I usually tuck any loose strands as I go and tuck the hair into the sides so that it is tight and will not budge as I pin. Using bobby pins, place at the base of the bun and pin in at an angle. This is to grab the hair from the bun itself and connect it with the root of the hair, at the scalp.


And there you go!