Yay! You just received your skinny tea in the mail and can’t wait to get started! But…..you don’t know how to make your Skinny Tea! Read on girl!

Our Teami Skinny tea is really a special blend - it has all of the metabolism-boosting ingredients that you want, aids in your digestion (yes please!) and gives you a steady level of energy to get through your daily grind and suppresses your cravings! If you are looking for a continual, all-natural way to achieve all of the above, Teami Skinny is the blend for you.

Our skinny tea is considered Loose Leaf Tea - which means that we provide you with the ENTIRE leaf of each ingredients which is much higher quality and WAY more effective that those other brands that just give you the meager scraps in a grandma looking tea bag… so sad.

So here is a video explaining how to prepare our Teami Skinny in our very own Teami Tumbler. Now you can see for yourself how EASY it is to make right at home and take on the go!