I know this may come as a shock to some, but health and fitness trends are not a new concept. 

Some of these trends stick because, well, they actually are effective. And some come and go, or only stick for the select few who are die-hard fanatics. However, there are some health and fitness trends that are so crazy and outrageous, you can’t help but stand in awe of them...or perhaps even give them a try.

From the Thighmaster to the Shake Weight to Prancercising (oh yes, you read that correctly), there have been seriously crazy, and, might I add, hilarious, fitness trends over the last few decades. And while we’d like to think that such silliness is a thing of the past, let me assure you that wacky health and fitness fads are most definitely a present reality. Here are just a few of the craziest health trends that are happening right now.

You know that scene in Gone with the Wind where Scarlet wants her corset as tight as possible to get her 18 1/2” waist? Well, apparently the corset is making a comeback, although not as an undergarment. 

Made popular by the social media accounts of the Kardashians and others like them, waist trainers are essentially modern day corsets worn for a period of time each day to “train” your waist to maintain your desired shape. 

Feel free to try it if you’re just dying to go backward in time about 150 years, but I think I’ll stick with my daily crunches instead.

I know that doesn’t sound like a real thing, but I promise you, it is. Moon Dust, which is a product of Moon Juice, is a collection of powders meant to work synergistically at the deepest levels to enhance your beauty, brain, body, sexual energy, sleep and spirit.

At $30 a pop (or $175 for the whole set!), these 1.5 oz jars are a bit pricey for the average consumer, but if you’ve got the money and the curiosity, this collection is available online, and right now you get a free cookbook and tote with your order so...there’s that.

Or you could just eat healthy and get your energy boost the old fashioned way.

This bright orange/yellow spice, while widely used across the globe, is making waves in western cultures now, as well. For anything from natural hair removal to inflammation reduction, this spice is being touted as a “super-spice” (like “super-foods”). It may not work for everyone, but it’s usefulness isn’t without evidence. 

It’s high in antioxidants and easy to get in your system. You can add it to almost any savory dish, but it will work best in meals of the Indian/Asian variety. You would just want to be careful not to use too much of it. As with almost everything in life, moderation.

Love to sing? Addicted to SoulCycle? Now you can combine the two! Apparently certain gyms offer this combination of night-out-on-the-town and spinning. If you’re too shy to sing, but love the idea, you can always get your spin on and just watch other people belt out a tune while gasping for breath on their bikes.

Yoga, with it’s physical, mental, and spiritual benefits, has been popular for a while. But a recent addition to this practice is taking it to a whole new level. Surface level, that is. Using a yoga mat that is affixed to a flotation device, the yogi does all the typical asanas, only on the surface of their local pool, instead.

There are some studios that simulate this activity with suspended boards that one can stand on and balance while attempting various poses. Either way, this new and improved yoga approach is certain to up your balance game and increase core-strength results as you get into Warrior I while simultaneously avoid falling overboard.