Starting a detox for the first time can be a challenge - we totally have been there with you! The body has accumulated SO many toxins over the years which may cause internal issues that can have long-term and damaging effects. These toxins come from all KINDS of stuff - from food (we have all been guilty of personal “pizza parties”), to drinks (yeah we won’t talk about what I did in college) and medicine. 

Now, a lot of people say, “well, that is why we have a liver, kidneys, urinary tract…!”. Which is totally true - the body is built to help and protect us against the not-so-nice things that we take in. But what happens when the liver becomes overwhelmed and the kidneys say “enough is enough!” - at that point are we stuck with those toxins because our organs aren’t cooperating as much as they used to? The answer is a resounding NO!

The whole reason I am bringing ANY of this up is to remind you of all of the junk that wasn’t able to be dumped - which is quite a bit! On average, we have 10 pounds of toxic waste that just sits in our digestive tract and colon - UMMM EW!

Can you imagine what that is doing to your body and health?

Yeah, bad digestion, constipation, bloating and irritated skin.

That is why we came up with our Teami Colon Cleanse- and that is why I made this video. It was so I could give you some tips to be able to have the BEST experience on your detox as possible.

Having this much to get rid of can cause quite the detoxifying effect when we actually go to do our 30 Day Detox - the body has been just waiting for this magical moment, when it could finally get rid of all of the toxic sludge! Don’t be surprised by the frequency of bathroom visits when you first start the program - your body will thank you in the end. No pun intended.

But who says you have to detox all at once?! Not us! That is why we have designed our program to be a full 30 days so that you can experience detoxing on a step by step basis- which allows the body to naturally adjust without interrupting any of its natural functions. I hope these tips help you to accomplish JUST that.

Happy detoxing!