What made you want to start using the detox and how long have you been using Teami?

I'm in college and had been eating poorly, I knew that none of it was good for my health so I decided to do a detox. My mom is really big on organic inner health making sure your body can function correctly so I wanted a product that was all natural, no chemicals, or pills necessary to see results. I've been using Teami since my first pack in December. I took a short break but had to jump right back on, now on my third 30 Day Plan.

How much weight have you lost so far?

Since starting Teami, even with my break, I've lost about 9.5 pounds!

What is your favorite way to sweat?

I'm in love with the outdoors so trails, hiking, or just walking and doing outdoor activities that make you sweat are my favorite. The heat helps!

How do you find time to work out during your day?

I just make sure to work into my tangible schedule where I put my tasks. If it's not on my schedule, I'm not doing it, so it ensures that I see it and know I have time.

What advice do you have for anyone is starting the detox?

Make SURE to drink that glass of water before the Teami Colon and schedule your mornings. It took my body about 8 hours to respond to the tea and once I figured that out, life was 10x better.