Pregnancy is a wonderful, miraculous experience. A woman’s body changes and grows in order to carry a baby safely from conception to birth. It’s 9 months of excitement and planning. 

But it can also be 9 months of frustration as you say goodbye to a lot of the things you love to have and do.

It would be easy to see the list of things you have to give up or avoid during pregnancy and be discouraged. After all, isn’t it hard enough to have to bring a child into this world without adding a list of extra demands? 

Instead, though, take each thing that’s off limits, and turn it around to see it positively.

Think of it as a two sided coin. The negative is the thing you can’t have, but the positive is the thing you get instead, and it may just be that the experience of substituting and/or avoiding will have long term healthy effects on your life that extend beyond your pregnancy.

We’re here to give you 10 “can’ts” that might be bumming you out, with the “cans” that will get you excited about pregnancy again.


Can’t #1: Take certain medications

This is something you don’t really think about until you get your first headache or common cold during pregnancy. There are SO MANY medications you need to avoid. Tylenol is really the only pain medication that is recommended. And forget about Dayquil. What do you do when you’re feeling under the weather but don’t have a lot of options? 



Here are a few natural suggestions that can help in a big way.

You can... 
use other safe treatments.??

For the following common issues, there’s a lot you can do to either prevent or alleviate symptoms.

Cold or Cough:

To prevent illness, exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet, wash your hands frequently, and take prenatal vitamins and probiotics. If you do get sick, rest more than you normally would and get plenty of fluids. You can also?

  • Sleep with a humidifier in your room?
  • Gargle warm salt water? 
  • Drink warm tea (good options would be chamomile or green tea, or something like Teami’s Alive tea) with lemon and honey? 
*Be sure to consult with a physician if you develop a fever or your mucus is Discolored.?? 


Headaches, and especially migraines, are often triggered by certain foods or additives. If you are aware of your triggers, make sure you avoid them! If you do develop a headache or migraine, the following can be helpful non-medication aids.??? 

  • Getting a massage?
  • Taking a shower? 
  • Making sure you don’t get hungry? 
  • Getting plenty of sleep? 
  • Doing yoga or pilates? 
  • Using a compress (warm or cool)??? 

Of course one of the most common complaints of pregnancy is the nausea. Some obstetricians will prescribe certain anti-nausea medications, but if you’re looking to avoid those, you can try??? 

  • Vitamin B6? 
  • Ginger? 
  • Mint? 
  • Acupressure or acupuncture? 
  • Sniff a fresh scent



Can’t #2: Do certain types of exercise

Now we all know that exercise is not just good, but important during pregnancy. Although this is true, there are still a lot of “can’ts” when it comes to working up a sweat when you’ve got a bun in the oven. 



Here are a few things that are NOT recommended during pregnancy:?? 

  • Contact sports? 
  • Activities that involve a lot of jarring or bouncing? 
  • Anything with a high risk of falling? 
  • Exercising in very hot or humid weather? 
Intermittent exercising (meaning you work out intensely once, then wait several weeks to repeat)
You can... Do OTHER types of exercise.

Exercising can help with a lot of the discomfort of pregnancy, and keep you feeling great even as you grow. You may not be able to go out and play a game of soccer, but if you are already active*, try any of the following to get a healthy workout in.?? 
  • Weight lifting (make sure you aren’t pushing beyond your weight limit)? 
  • Running or jogging? 
  • Swimming or water aerobics? 
  • Cycling? 
  • Pilates or yoga



Can’t #3: Clean with harsh chemicals

That’s right, you definitely don’t want to be dousing your shower with bleach while you’re pregnant. Anything that emits strong fumes can be dangerous for you and your baby during pregnancy. However, it’s actually better to clean with natural and chemical free products anyway, so it’s a great time to make a change!