Looking to live a happier, healthier lifestyle in the New Year? If you just mentally answered "yes!"- then our 30 Day Detox Program is perfect for you! We're giving you our favorite detox approved foods so you can get the best results from our simple, 2 step program! Plus, a secret discount code at the bottom! 


Here’s a list of our favorite detox approved groceries, which are all super healthy and good for you! There are soooo many breakfasts, lunches, and dinners you can make, the possibilities are endless!


Foods to Stock up On

We recommend eating plenty of leafy greens, fruits/veggies, and lean proteins on our 30 Day Detox! Here are a few of our favorites:

-Spinach (high in fiber!)


-Avocado (great healthy fats!)


-Strawberries (packed with Vitamin C!) 


-Bananas (packed with potassium!)


-Salmon (high in omega fatty acids which help brain production and lower cholesterol!)


-Eggs (packed with protein and Vitamin B12 to sustain energy!)



Foods to Avoid

There are some foods we suggest to avoid during your 30 Day Detox so you can get the best results possible from it! We're all about treating yourself, so if you want to indulge every once in awhile-do it! But foods with processed sugars and saturated fats like cookies, cakes, white bread, and soda should be avoided as much as possible so your body can detox all the built-up toxins that are already there. These types of foods can leave you feeling exhausted, bloated, and super sluggish. 

We’re challenging you to post your very own recipe using some of these ingredients and tag us @teamiblends and #teamirecipe on Instagram! We might even re-post your unique creation and re-make it ourselves!

Our 30 Day Detox


If you've never done our detox program and want to know if its' right for you -get all the answers to your questions here! We created this simple, effective 2 step program so that you could easily incorporate it into your daily routine! 

-Boosted metabolism

-Reduced bloating

-Suppressed cravings

-Sustained energy

-Improved Digestion

-Weight loss

-Clearer complexion

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