I had the privilege to sit down with Elena Cardone, the queen behind the show “Women in Power”, best-selling author, businesswoman, and in-demand speaker. In this episode, I am sharing all the steps I took to build Teami from just an “aha” moment to a multi-million dollar brand, and sharing my personal journey of why I started the brand. 


I am really excited to share this episode because it's important for everyone to understand what it REALLY takes to start a business. There are highs and there are many, many lows. It is all about overcoming obstacles in life and business and that's what I can't wait for you to learn!



Interview Teasers:

  • We talk about the controversial topic around the negative consensus of detox teas

  • The reason why I started the brand

  • How joining the Israeli Defense Force as a fitness instructor for combat soldiers at the age of 19 changed my life

  • How I found digestive health through the natural health benefits of tea

  • How I used Instagram to grow my brand

  • The art of doing



Check out the interview below and feel free to ask me any questions!