Have you ever gotten things that were "in style" that season but by the next month you've moved onto the next trend? We feel you! There's something so special about cooking and recipes that they never get old or out of style! That's why were giving you an extra special recipe throwback blog today to help you stay heathy this summer to be your best self with a little help from our Teami recipes - new and old! 

We know the summer is full of fun vacations, beach days and ultimately not being at home as much as usual. This can seriously get you off track by grabbing quick bites and eating out. Here are our top 4 tips for staying healthy on vacation or just on the go this summer!

  • Always keep a healthy snack option on hand! We love to bring fruit, veggies, or some homemade snacks like energy bites! These will actually FUEL your body, not just hold you over! 
  • Carry your Teami Tumbler with you anywhere you go! Use it for Teami Skinny to reduce craving and get some natural energy and then just fill it up with water throughout the day! Seven of the 20 oz tumblers is equal to a gallon of water, which is what you should be having everyday! This will prevent you from reaching for a quick soda or sugar filled coffee drink! Not to mention - we have 17 adorable colors to choose from!
  • Have a plan! I this sounds a little obvious, but having a plan is soo crucial to staying heathy this summer. You'll know what you're doing, if you need to bring snacks or foods, where you'll be eating, etc! If you are eating out, most restaurants have healthy options that you can lookup beforehand on their website. It's always good to have a plan in your everyday life - sometimes you seriously need to write in meals and breaks so you don't overwhelm yourself! 
  • Focus on YOU! Summer is a super fun time filled with activities and friends, but remember the most important person is you, so take care of yourself! Get rest, get some exercise, and eat as clean as possible! You don't have to push yourself to go out every time you're invited! We challenge you to pick one night a week and have a night in for a little self love with a bubble bath and a facial with our Detox Facial Steam and a mask! If you're noticing you're feeling a little groggy, bloated and lacking energy you should totally try our 30 Day Detox to cleanse + reset your body so you have have a confident and fulfilling summer! 

Now that you're equipped with our top tips to help you this summer, we also wanted to start you off with a full day of meal ideas so you can start on a healthier lifestyle this summer! We challenge you to cook at least one meal a day! Check out these yummy recipes! 


Start your day the right way with a power-packed breakfast to fuel your body and keep you satisfied for the whole morning! 

Check out the full recipe here


Summer is the season of fruits + veggies! Make a rainbow of a salad with this yummy and benefit PACKED recipe! 

Check out the full recipe here


With just a few ingredient swaps, fajitas really can be good for you! P.S. This matcha lemonade is going to be your new go-to this summer! 

Check out the full recipe here


Did you think eating healthy meant no dessert? WRONG! These ooey-gooey brownies are made with fueling ingredients to actually benefit both your sweet tooth and your health! 

Check out the full recipe here

Who's ready to whip up these recipes this week to get started on a healthier lifestyle this summer? We made these recipes with simple ingredients that you already have in your kitchen because we genuinely want you to try them out! Don't forget we have soo many more recipes up on our blog that are for all meals, snacks and drinks to keep you on track all summer long! 

If you try any of these fun new + old recipes, tag us @teamiblends and use the hashtag #thankyouteami ! We can't wait to see your creations!