Let’s face it, ladies, beauty products can be expensive. And we all want to squeeze the full life out of our products, but where you’re storing them can really impact the life and efficacy of your products.

Did you know that heat, direct sunlight, or high amounts of humidity can ruin those expensive beauty products on your counter? This is especially true if you store them in the bathroom where they’re exposed to the heat and steam from your shower day after day, or also if clean beauty is important to you. 

Products with natural ingredients and minimal preservatives or stabilizers are amazing for skin, but lose their effectiveness more quickly if they’re stored improperly. The good news is that there is a super simple solution to this that actually adds benefits to your products as well… Just store them in a fridge!

Does every single product need to be stored in a fridge? No, but the chances are that once you try it, you’ll want the entirety of your routine chilled to perfection. 

But isn’t is kind of a hassle to keep all your skincare in the kitchen fridge next to some old guacamole? We thought so too, so we created a brand new Teami Skincare Fridge so you can store your products under your sink or on your vanity!

The Benefits of Chilling Your Skincare

Extend the Life of Your Products

We touched on this a little above, but most products have storing suggestions to follow to prolong their shelf lives. With a majority of beauty products, the suggestion is to store in “a cool, dark place.” And what is cooler or darker than a skincare fridge? 

Abiding by a product’s directions will always yield the best results. So take that eye cream off your humid bathroom counter and keep it in a fridge instead! That way, you know you’re getting the best life out of the products you’re spending your money on!

Banish Puffy Eyes and Inflammation

On top of following the product’s storage needs for once, having your skincare chilled can actually have tons of benefits for your skin! Cooling your skincare down allows the products to act as vasoconstrictors, which is just a fancy word for saying that they will narrow the blood vessels right beneath your skin.

Your blood vessels react to the colder temperature and constrict, which helps to “de-puff” your skin and can improve the look of under eye bags, especially in the morning. 

This mild form of cryotherapy also helps to get rid of inflammation like the swelling and redness of a pimple.

Wake up Your Skin and Your Mind

Because the cold activates your otherwise sluggish blood vessels, this can help increase blood flow to the area overall, leading to healthier-looking skin that feels refreshed all day. Not only that, but the cool sensation will help you wake up as well so you can start every morning looking flawless and feeling awake. 

Cold is Used Medicinally

Cryotherapy has been used in medicine for decades, from aiding in recovery time for pro athletes to new advancements like CoolSculpting, the benefits of the cooling your body and skin are numerous and undeniable. So why not add that cooling power to your skincare and give yourself a little boost every morning?

So Which Products Should Be Refrigerated?

Vitamin C Products

If you have a Vitamin C serum or cream, you might as well pop that baby in the fridge right now. Vitamin C is an especially picky ingredient and thrives in a cold, dark place. If placed in direct sunlight or high-humidity areas, the formula is likely to start breaking down, ruining the product.

Clay-based Masks

So now you’re probably wondering what products would go best in the refrigerator. To start, natural, clay-based masks are basically made for the fridge. The cooler temperatures maintains the efficacy of the clay and natural ingredients while the cold mask has time to work it’s magic since it stays on your skin for 10-15 minutes. 

The fridge is a must for masks to keep them working the best they can for the longest time possible while increasing the blood flow to the skin!

Eye Creams or Undereye Pads

Eye creams can be some of the most pricey products on the market. So take care of them! The ingredients in many eye creams can be spoiled by sunlight, heat, and all that other no-so-fun stuff we’ve talked about. 

On top of that, eye products are the best products to refrigerate if you want to take advantage of the de-puffing power of cold. Into the fridge it goes!

Toners and Mists

Toners and hydrating mists are also best when stored cool and dry, so chalk another one up to products you should keep in a fridge! They are also more effective when applied cold, refreshing your face and reducing redness and inflammation.

Liquid Makeup and Lipstick

Makeup like lipstick and mascara can perform better and last longer when stored in the refrigerator. Liquid makeup like mascara, liquid eyeliner, and the like often have a short period of use because the moist environment invites bacteria to come in and breed, ruining those products. 

Unless you want to encourage pink eye and other infections, store those babies in the refrigerator or be ready to toss the products every three months or so. Even if they’re chilled, you probably shouldn’t be using a 3 year old mascara wand, no matter if it got you noticed by that cute guy in high school. 

What Doesn't Go in the Fridge?

So does anything NOT belong in the fridge? Yes, there are a few things that you probably shouldn’t keep in there because it’ll change their consistencies. 

Most Oil-Based Products

Most oil products shouldn’t be kept in the fridge because the cold will begin to thicken the oil. However, there is one notable exclusion to this. Products made from a Jojoba oil base will not thicken because it is actually a wax ester

Wax esters are formed differently than oils, so behave in a more complex way when exposed to heat and cold. Because of this, jojoba oil won’t solidify at refrigerator temperatures where a true oil would. Feel free to pop any of Teami's natural oils in a skincare fridge because they're all made from a jojoba base, but watch out for anything coconut or argan based!

Some Thick Products

A few thicker products like gels or heavy serums would probably be best stored at room temperature. The cold can affect the consistency of these products and may cause them to breakdown like heat does. 

There are a few products that shouldn't go in the fridge, so just check their storing suggestions if you have any doubts!

I don't know about you, but we are so excited about all  the benefits of "skincare and chill" that we've made our own incredible Skincare Fridge! It will easily fit on your desk, vanity or sink, but it holds 10L of product! 

Most other beauty fridges are much smaller, so you'd have to pick and choose what you want to refrigerate, but Teami's fridge gives you plenty of room for sheet masks, serums, mists, and even a few cans of soda if that's your jam. 

Plus, peep that gorgeous marble front... This fridge will be the centerpiece of any vanity while it keeps your products effective and chilly.