Leading a busy lifestyle and you're always on the go?  Enjoying your favorite smoothie any time and anywhere you want can be a pretty big challenge.

Whether you're a world traveler who loves exploring or you've got a lot going on in your day-to-day life, a portable blender is a perfect way to enjoy your favorite smoothies whenever and wherever you go.

Where Can You Use a Portable Smoothie Blender?

Thanks to their convenient and compact size, you can use a portable blender almost anywhere you choose. One great way to get in your favorite smoothie while you're out and about is to bring it in your gym bag. Just pop it in your bag and make your favorite post-workout protein shake right there in the locker room.

For those of us that love to travel, this portable blender is a great companion. Pack it in your carry-on luggage and make your favorite smoothies no matter where you roam whether it's another country or just another state. With a compact and lightweight design, this easy to carry blender makes it easy to enjoy healthy smoothies anywhere you go.

Another fabulous way to enjoy your smoothies while you're out and about is to take your portable blender with you to the beach or on hikes. As you explore the great outdoors, you can mix a smoothie at the end of your trek or while lounging on the shoreline.

Don't have enough time for a full breakfast? Our compact blenders make a quick and healthy breakfast fast. Just throw in some frozen fruit or vegetables, your liquid of choice and some protein, superfood powder or nutrients.  Voila!  You've got a healthy and delicious breakfast.

Smoothies are a great way to get extra nutrition into your diet without a lot of work or complications. Be sure you choose fruits and veggies that are rich in nutrients and antioxidants to give you a boost of energy that will last throughout your busy day.

Take your blender with you to work so it's easy to mix your smoothie on breaks or at lunchtime. Since they're small in size, these little blenders are perfect to put in your desk drawer so it's always close at hand.

teami MIXit portable blender with smoothie

Can I Bring My MIXit Portable Blender on a Plane?

You can, but it's best to put the whole blender in your checked bags.  The TSA says that everything except the blades can be brought on the plane in your carry-on.  So just pack in your checked bags.

How to Use Your Blender

Make sure your smoothie blender is charged all the way so it can mix your ingredients properly. Before you head out the door, you can add your favorite ingredients to the blender's container and leave them stored inside until it's time to mix.

If you're traveling long distances, you should find your favorite fresh ingredients when you arrive. You definitely don't want to food in your blender for long periods of time or else they can go bad or start to smell. After you have all the fresh and delicious goodies you need, just put them all together inside the blender's built-in container.

Add your desired mixture of veggies and fruits to your portable blender, and then add your favorite liquid. You can add anything from almond milk to water, but just be sure you don't fill the blender too full. Ideally, the blender should be around 85 percent full at the most so everything can mix evenly and correctly.

If you don't haven any frozen fruit or vegetables, you can throw in some whole ice cubs or crushed ice.  The MIXit Portable Blender handles them with ease.

After all of your ingredients are added, simply put the top of your MIXit on and hit the mixing button. The 6 sharp stainless steel blades will blend your smoothie to the desired level.

Our portable smoothie blender lets you drink your smoothie directly from the blender.  Just flip up the cap and start sipping.

Watch your blender carefully and don't leave it in mixing mode without supervision. Never drink from your smoothie blender while it's plugged in, and always turn it off before you drink your smoothie.

How do I Clean my MIXit Portable Blender?

You should always clean your MIXit after you use it so it's ready for use later. When you're on the go, keeping your blender clean may seem like a challenge, but there are a few helpful and quick hacks you can use anywhere to clean it.

  1. Fill your blender with some hot water up to around the halfway mark.
  2. Add just one small drop of dish soap to the blender. Don't add more than one to two drops of soap at the most, or else it could end up becoming too soapy!
  3. Turn your blender on and let the water and dish soap mix together for about 10 seconds.
  4. Dump out your water and soap mixture and rinse out the blender with clean, hot water.

This simple method should leave you with a fresh, clean blender that's ready for another smoothie any time you are.

Another way you can freshen up your portable smoothie blender is to add a drop of vinegar or lemon juice. This is a great way to clean up your blender and make it smell and look fresh in a pinch.

Once you're able to, you should do a deep-cleaning of your portable smoothie blender. Remove the bladed section to the top from the base and run your portable smoothie blender top, glass container and blade bottom through the dishwasher to get it clean. The base with the slot for the USB charger is not dishwasher safe, so make sure to not put that in the dishwasher.

With a simple rinse of hot water and dish soap, you can easily clean your portable blender when you're on the go. Always clean out your blender after use, even if you just rinse it out.

What Portable Blender is Best?

Ours, of course.  What makes it so great?

It's small, meaning it can fit in most car cup holders, bags or drawers.  The 18.6 oz glass cup is big enough to hold a delicious and filling smoothie.

It comes in two colors: pink and black. 

Our rechargeable blenders use a USB so it's easy to "juice up" your blender without carrying around cumbersome batteries.  That means you can charge it at home, in your car, at the office or anywhere else.  It has a 4-6 hour battery life when fully charged.

It features a built-on drinking container with a pop-up lid. Just unscrew the top, toss in your ingredients and you're ready to go.

It's glass and the plastic parts are BPA free.

Our Teami MIXit Portable Smoothie Blenders let you drink right from the container so you don't need to worry about bringing extra tumblers or sports bottles. Just clean your blender out thoroughly when you're done so that it's ready for your next smoothie-making session.

Stay Healthy with a Portable Blender

Eating healthy when you're on the move can be challenging, but a portable smoothie blender can help to make your life easy. Simply bring your blender with you and enjoy your favorite mix of fruits and veggies so you can stay healthy while on the go.

Make your healthy lifestyle easier with the Teami MIXit Portable Smoothie Blender.

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Adi Arezzini
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