The next time you are looking for something in the pantry or refrigerator, take a closer look: you likely have some of the best health and wellness remedies waiting to surprise you with what they can do! If you need a skincare refresher, a digestive aid, or simply want to boost your antioxidant intake, the seven items below have many surprising benefits!


You probably know that juicy strawberries are bursting with antioxidants and one of the best foods nature has to offer, but did you know that they have skincare benefits, too? Strawberries contain ellagic acid that helps minimize the appearance of free radical damage. Crushed strawberries also make an ideal base for a facial scrub. They contain alpha hydroxy acid, which is a gentle and natural exfoliant that helps draw out toxins. It’s easy to make your own hydrating facial scrub with strawberries that will nourish your skin. Mash one large strawberry in a small bowl and add five drops of Teami Repair Facial Oil. Then, massage it gently all over your skin to exfoliate and rinse with warm water. As the strawberries draw out impurities, our Repair Facial Oil replenishes moisture levels with a blend of jojoba oil, sea buckthorn oil, and Vitamin E oil.

bowl of freshly cut strawberries

Tea Leaves

Did you know that after enjoying your favorite Teami tea, you can use the tea leaves to make an invigorating body scrub? Repurpose your leaves after steeping or use a fresh bag if you desire the topical benefits of tea. DIY body scrubs can be made with several ingredients found at home. Exfoliating your body helps slough away dead skin cells and rejuvenates the skin overall, leaving behind a healthy glow. And when you exfoliate in the shower, there’s no mess left behind. Here’s how to make a DIY tea body scrub. 

Remove the contents of two tea bags (such as Teami Boost or Teami Alive) and add to a mixing bowl. Then, pour in one cup of white sugar and ½ (for a drier scrub) to ¾ (for more moisture) cup of melted coconut oil or jojoba oil. Then, whisk or pop it into your blender for 30 seconds. Store in an airtight, glass container and use all over your body to freshen and smooth your skin (do not use on your face or sensitive areas).

dried tea leaves


At Teami, we love avocados for their incredible ability to nourish the body inside and out! Avocados deliver essential monounsaturated fats in your diet. You can also use them for skin and hair repair. The natural oils in avocado soften dry and flaky skin in the most difficult places, such as elbows and cracked heels. You can also use avocado to condition and soften hair while adding shine. Use them in DIY face masks or make your own skin and hair conditioner. Simply mash up a ripe avocado, mix with egg yolk, and add ½ teaspoon coconut oil. Apply to dry hair and let it sit for thirty minutes before rinsing clean with shampoo and conditioner. You can apply this same DIY recipe to your skin. Just rub over the dry area and rinse clean after 10-15 minutes to receive its healthy skin hydration benefits.

fresh cut avocados

Aloe Vera 

One of the oldest and most time-tested remedies out there is the sensational aloe vera plant! This ultra-hydrating plant does a lot more than moisturize the skin. It soothes skin discomfort after a day in the sun and calms skin with an abundance of skin-loving nutrients, such as antioxidants and Vitamins A and C. If you have an aloe vera plant, slice open a leaf when you need to use its gel in a pinch to ease dryness or freshen up your skin. Even more convenient is keeping a bottle of Teami Aloe on hand! Teami Aloe not only contains aloe vera, but it is also blended with other plant powerhouses, such as witch hazel and oregano.  

aloe vera


How sweet it is! Honey is one of the best natural sweeteners around and it has many healthful benefits. Plus, it has been used for thousands of years by people for food and holistic practices. Honey is a rich source of antioxidants, including flavanols and polyphenols. It can also be used to soothe and moisturize the skin, providing protective benefits. A scientific study from 2017 found honey to be useful for immune support and other therapeutic applications.

jar of honey with honey combs


Spicy ginger is one of the most beloved herbs in the world. Used in culinary delights that range from savory to spicy, ginger flavors food with subtle sweetness and also has health benefits. Most notably, ginger is known for easing nausea and alleviating occasional motion sickness. This includes pregnant women who often experience nausea. Ginger also supports less stress. Who doesn’t need that? That’s one reason we paired ginger with lemongrass and green tea in Teami Alive. If you need an extra boost and want to kick life up a notch, this is the tea for you! Plus, you can add a little honey for even more benefits! 

sliced ginger root

Peppermint Tea

Did you know that tea is actually the most popular beverage in the world after water? Of course, at Teami this doesn’t surprise us one bit. One of our favorites, peppermint, has many nourishing properties. That’s one reason peppermint leaf is the star of the show in Teami Profit. Peppermint tea has been used for thousands of years in traditional health practices all over the world. In addition to its minty scent providing an instant pick-me-up, peppermint tea also helps soothe occasional indigestion. Another perk to peppermint tea is that it is caffeine-free, so you can indulge in it all day long. 

You can also use peppermint tea for beauty purposes to refresh puffiness around the eyes. Puffiness can be caused by your environment, looking at a computer screen for too long, allergies, and more. To restore calm and reduce discomfort, steep two peppermint tea bags in a glass of hot water for one minute. Then, place them in a bowl and leave them in the fridge until they are cool (this is essential). When they are chilled, lie down and place one tea bag under each eye for five minutes to refresh your complexion. Keep your eyes closed to avoid getting tea in your eyes. 

Fresh and dried peppermint leaves

As you can see, there are many nourishing foods, spices, and herbs that have significant health benefits and can be used in multiple ways. These items are wonderful to use in a pinch and to maintain daily well-being; however, they are never a substitute for speaking with your healthcare practitioner if an issue is persistent.