As the old saying goes, the eyes are the window to the soul – and the skin under your eyes can be a window to how well you’re taking care of skin and your body! Typically, the skin under your eyes shows signs of aging before the rest of your face. That’s because it needs a little more TLC – there aren’t as many oil glands around the eyes compared to the rest of your face. This means the skin under your eyes is more prone to dryness, moisture loss, and you guessed it – wrinkles. If you’re wondering how to stop, prevent and treat under eye wrinkles, read on for some simple ways to improve the appearance of your skin!

About the skin around your eyes

Not all skin is equal – in fact, it varies in thickness all over your body. The skin around your eyes is some of the thinnest skin on the body! That means it is prone to showing signs of aging much faster. In addition, a lack of moisture in the skin around your eyes can lead to more sensitivity, deeper wrinkles, and dark circles. It’s also natural to lose skin elasticity as you age.

Many factors play a role in how fast the skin around your eyes ages, including genetics, the environment, and sun exposure (or artificial sun exposure from tanning beds). Other causes of under eye wrinkles include:

While it’s perfectly normal to have some signs of aging under the eyes as you get older, there are steps you can take to minimize the appearance of under eye wrinkles and slow down the formation of new lines.

How to stop under eye wrinkles

There are several easy ways to minimize under eye wrinkles. The first one might surprise you – do eye exercises! These exercises work the muscles in, under, and around your eyes. Just like you would tone your abs or biceps, these muscles tone the appearance of the skin around your eyes (and the eyes themselves!)

One super easy eye exercise is the figure eight. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Look at a location 10 feet in front of you.
  2. Very slowly, make an imaginary figure eight with your eyes.
  3. When you complete step 2, make another figure eight in the opposite direction.
  4. Trace the figure eights for a few minutes in each direction.

The next time you’re waiting in line or waiting for an appointment to start, exercise your eyes!

The second easy way to avoid under eye wrinkles is to be gentle every time you touch or handle your skin in that area. Avoid tugging and pulling at all times. Here’s how you can truly apply eye cream properly to protect your skin’s integrity.

A third, and one of the simplest ways to prevent under eye wrinkles, is to limit sun exposure and practice safe sun! It is recommended to wear at least SPF 30 while outside, even when it’s cloudy. You can also wear a hat, visor, or sunglasses to protect the skin around your eyes.

Fourth, like everything else, the foundation to radiance starts with a healthy diet and hydration. Drinking plenty of water and eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables is the best way to keep skin plump and firm. Collagen-boosting foods are also an important part of a healthy skin diet. Popping a scoop of Teami Beauty Butterfly Collagen into a smoothie is an easy way to make sure you’re getting enough collagen.

How to treat under eye wrinkles

So what happens if you already have under eye wrinkles? There are many things you can do to improve the appearance of the skin around your eyes.

The first step is moisturizing! Using the right moisturizer on the skin under your eyes is essential to keeping skin plump and hydrated. You may have asked in the past, “do I really need an eye cream?” The short answer is yes, and there are a few reasons why.

Eye creams are not the same as facial moisturizers. In fact, they’re usually more concentrated and should contain gentle ingredients made for this delicate skin – like Teami Renew Vitamin C Eye Cream! It’s designed to fight signs of aging with hydrating, nourishing, and brightening ingredients – the absolute best vitamins and nutrients that support your best glowing skin!

Changing your lifestyle can also help you improve the appearance of wrinkles. Quitting smoking and reducing alcohol consumption will help – and they’ll even more importantly improve what’s going on inside of your body too! And you probably haven’t considered this, but if you suffer from allergies, treating the symptoms will help the appearance of your eyes.

Allergies cause inflamed and puffy skin around the eyes, and itchy eyes may lead you to more skin tugging if you’re scratching them. Take care of those allergies to reduce redness, puffiness, and the appearance of aging skin!

Speaking with your dermatologist is one of the best ways to treat under eye wrinkles. Your dermatologist will have extensive knowledge about what is causing these wrinkles and what you can do about it, whether that’s laser treatments or microdermabrasion. However, these types of treatments require the opinion of a professional (your dermatologist!).

The bottom line about under eye wrinkles

The truth is if you’re getting older, you will likely see some signs of aging around your eyes. However, taking care of your body with a healthy lifestyle and the right skincare products can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles no matter how old you are!

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