If you’ve ever spent time cooing over a newborn baby, you’ve probably asked yourself, “how can I make my skin this soft and smooth?” There are so many ways to get extra soft skin, and the first place most people turn to is adding extra moisture. However, achieving baby-soft skin starts before shaving and moisturizing. It starts with exfoliating! If you’re wondering if you should exfoliate before or after shaving, when to moisturize, and how to best care for your skin after shaving, don’t miss our best shaving tips!

How to get softer, smoother skin

1. Prep your skin before shaving

How many times have you hopped into the shower only to rush through shaving? You might skip shaving gel, exfoliating, and just hope it’s enough for others not to notice a few stray hairs here and there. You might even drag your razor over dry skin in a pinch. Unfortunately, shaving like this can actually lead to irritation, cuts, razor bumps and razor burn.

To achieve softer skin, take a few extra minutes to prepare to shave. Prior to shaving, soften the hair by letting it soak in a warm shower or bath. You can do this by washing your hair or face first, which will let your leg hair soak for a bit. Softening your hair makes it easier to cut, gives you a closer shave, and it will also help your razor last longer!

The next prep step is to exfoliate your skin with the Teami Smooth Exfoliating Body Polish! Exfoliation is one of the most important steps to take before shaving. Exfoliating buffs away dead skin cells, unclogs pores, and prevents painful ingrown hairs. Some skin exfoliants can leave skin feeling dry and parched – Teami Smooth contains natural botanicals and herbs that help maintain and replenish moisture in your skin. Plus, it’s made with finely milled sugar that gently buffs your skin. In fact, it’s so gentle that you can use it daily without irritation.

To effectively exfoliate your skin, scoop a small amount of Teami Smooth in the palm of your hand. Then gently massage onto wet skin in upward circular motions then melt away with warm water to reveal radiant, renewed skin!

woman soaking before shaving her legs

2. Apply shave gel or mousse

The next step in shaving is extremely important, and that’s to create a barrier between the razor blade and your skin. So if you’re someone who is in the dry shaving club, take note! Creating this barrier reduces the risk of cuts, bleeding, and razor burns, protecting the integrity of your skin. Layer your skin with a shaving gel or mousse.

You can even make an ultra-nourishing shave gel by combining aloe vera gel with your favorite skincare oil. Using an all-natural, hydrating shaving product will help restore your moisture barrier in addition to protecting your skin.

applying shaving cream to her leg

3. Shave in the right direction

There are many conflicting opinions about the right shaving direction. Shaving against the grain does give you the closest shave for the smoothest skin possible. However, your skin can also get irritated if you shave this way without the right barrier and too often.

In addition, if you have sensitive skin, it is best to shave with the grain. If you shave against the grain and it feels like you are pulling or tugging, stop immediately and shave with the grain. You may also need a new blade if this is the case.

woman shaving her leg

4. Apply the right amount of pressure

You do not need to press on your razor while shaving. Use a clean and sharp blade, then shave in long strokes, taking extra caution around bony areas (like your knees).

You do not have to press hard on your razor when shaving as long your blade is clean and sharp. Shave in long, steady strokes. Be sure to rinse your razor blade after each stroke to keep your razor clean for the closest shave!

When you’re done shaving, it’s time for the next step, but it’s not exfoliating your skin again. Exfoliating your skin right after shaving may lead to irritation, especially if your skin is sensitive. However, you can exfoliate your skin the next day, which helps remove dead skin, improve the appearance of your skin, and helps hair come through.

woman shaving her leg

5. Moisturize after shaving

When you’re done shaving, it’s essential to replenish moisture. After rinsing your legs, pat your skin dry with a towel. Then, apply a hydrating moisturizer or skin oil. Applying your moisturizer when your skin is slightly damp yields the most benefits because your pores are open to receive the nutrients in the moisturizer.

By taking the time and a few extra steps, you can achieve the softest, smoothest skin even when you’re shaving regularly! The key is to use a gentle exfoliant, a sharp and clean razor, and moisturizing your skin properly afterward.

moisturizing after shaving

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