Most everyone knows about adding a protein powder into their routine if they're trying to "bulk" or gain muscle, but what about losing weight? Is it possible to also use protein as a secret weapon in your weight loss journey?

The short answer is yes! But let's break down each of the ways that protein can help you with reaching your body goals...

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1. Reduces appetite up until now you might not have thought to add a higher intake of protein to your diet! However, protein can help regulate certain hormones in the body that signal to the brain to increase/decrease your appetite. For example, the hunger hormone "grhelin" tells your brain that you need to eat more food, and with a higher amount of protein in your diet, you'll actually produce less of this hormone while increasing appetite reducing hormones like cholecystokinin.


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2. Boosts metabolism protein takes more effort for the body to digest than fats and carbs, so while the body is metabolizing protein you actually end up burning more calories daily than you would with a low protein diet. 


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3. Helps prevent muscle loss now you may be thinking that you don't really care about muscle, you're just trying to lose weight! But, you should keep in mind that weight-loss does not necessarily mean fat loss. Muscles matter and they play an important role in helping us to workout, achieve a toned look and burn extra calories! If you begin losing muscle mass as a result of weight loss you could, in turn, have a lower metabolic rate which will slow your progress and work against you in the long run!

And, not only do muscles help keep up your metabolic rate but they will also give you a trim/toned look so that you can keep your booty, improve loose skin and avoid looking "skinny fat" instead of fit.


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Now, hopefully you're excited about adding more protein to your routine and seeing what it can do for you! But exactly how much protein is recommended? Well, some studies recommend that 25-30% of your daily calories come from protein in order to achieve the best results! 

Don't worry if you're not a math genius, we've got you ;). Dust off your calculator and multiply your daily calorie goal by 0.075 to get the number of grams you'll need to consume to hit this target. And remember, something is better than nothing so just do your best to get as close to your daily goal as possible and don't beat yourself up if you fall a little short!

Now, while consuming higher protein snacks and meals you may notice that you still need an extra boost of protein in your diet to reach your daily target. So, we recommend adding a protein powder supplement to get the extra grams of protein you may be missing. 

Since a lot of protein powders are packed with unnecessary additives and added sugars, we created our own Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder! It includes 17 grams of clean protein that easily blends, tastes delicious and comes in 3 different flavors! 

Chocolate, vanilla and triple berry teami blends organic plant based protein powder