Natural lip balms are all the rage, and for good reason!

They help chapped lips and are a friend to our planet, too. This guide talks about how to go natural with your lip care - why it's a win for your smile and the environment, plus tips on picking the best one for you or even making your own at home.

If your skin throws a fit at harsh chemicals, these gentle options can be a good solution for you. Let's talk about why natural ingredients in lip balms are a big deal and how you can make sure you're picking (or making) something that's kind to your lips and our earth!

Why Choose Natural Ingredients

First, why should we pick natural ingredients for your lip balm? In my opinion, it's because you should treat your lips right. Think shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and those lovely, really important oils; they're the real MVPs in keeping our lips happy and healthy.

Shea butter is a big win for hydration without that sticky feeling, perfect when the air gets all dry and cold.

I'm all about coconut oil, too, because it packs lauric acid, which is amazing for keeping your lips smooth and clean. And let's not forget cocoa butter; I'm talking about thick and luxurious, it fights UV rays and laughs in the face of wrinkles.

Natural Lip Balms

Tossing some really important oils into the mix, like relaxing lavender or zesty peppermint, turns a simple balm into a little escape for your lips. It's these natural goodies that have me saying "see ya" to the synthetic things.

Is anyone else with sensitive skin here? The natural option has been incredible; my lips stay soft, and I have no breakouts from harsh chemicals. Plus, using things that are kind to the earth feels pretty good, too. Those renewable resources, people!

Honestly, knowing exactly what's in my lip balm feels kind of empowering. No more squinting at labels, trying to break down the ingredients. With natural balms, it's all clear, simple, and just feels right whenever I'm looking at new options.

DIY Natural Lip Balm Recipes

Making your own lip balm was fun. I've dabbled with a bunch of recipes, and I've landed on two that are both easy to whip up but are absolute options when it comes to keeping your lips happy and hydrated.

First up, there's this recipe I stumbled upon on Lemons, Lavender, & Laundry. You'll need a few things: beeswax pellets, coconut oil, shea butter, and a dash of peppermint, a really important oil. Mix up the beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter by melting them together. Right before it starts to set, throw in the peppermint oil. Give it a little while to cool down, and there you have it - your very own minty-fresh, super-smooth lip balm that feels as good as it smells.

Coconuts and Coconut Oil

The second one adds a little zing with citrus for that extra refreshing burst. It's pretty much the same deal - coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, but here's where you can get creative with your choice of really important oils. Want a bit of lavender or maybe something zesty like lemon? Go for it! This is the beauty of DIY - you're the boss, especially when it comes to changing things to your liking.

The secret sauce? Quality ingredients. Go for the good things - organic, raw coconut oil, shea butter that's as natural as can be, and pure, top-tier, really important oils. This is making a lip balm and treating your lips to the finest, chemical-free care they deserve.

If you're sitting there thinking, "But isn't making lip balm a chore?" couldn't be farther from the truth. These recipes I've shared? They're your quick ticket to the hydration station without the hassle.

Here's the takeaway: rolling your own lip balm means you're in control. You're picking out what's best for your skin, ditching the nasties, and giving the planet a little love, too, When picking sustainable options. Plus, talking about the DIY skincare world is a powerful way to improve your knowledge of what going natural really means for you and the environment. So, why not give it a whirl?

What Are the Best Natural Ingredients?

Talking about the space of natural lip balm brings us face-to-face with the goodness of plant-based goodies like shea butter and coconut oil. They're both popular; they work wonders on keeping your lips soft and healthy. Ever tried almond oil? It's a hydration hero, packing a punch of vitamin E to keep your lips in great shape without a hint of damage. And let's not forget jojoba oil - it's like giving your lips a big drink of water without any greasy aftermath, thanks to its kinship with our skin's own oils.

But vitamin E? It's fantastic, doing double duty by feeding your lips all the good things to keep them smooth and crack-free. I've switched to lip balms that are loaded with it, and believe me, my lips have never looked back.

Moisture is the name of the game for happy, healthy lips. Glycerin helps pull moisture right out of the air and onto your lips. This is incredible for anyone dealing with the dreaded dryness, providing that oh-so-needed lasting moisture.

Natural Ingredients

When we talk about the stars of the plant oil show, coconut oil deserves a standing ovation for its fatty acids that go deep to nourish. And I'm talking about oils bringing their A-game; plant-based butter like Shea are in that vitamin and fatty acid mix, which makes sure your lips stay plush and perfect.

Beeswax is in this natural lip balm saga, forming a protective guard that keeps moisture in and the harsh world out, which is important when you're braving the features.

And we can't forget about the herbs - think of calendula, mullein, yarrow, and St. John's Wort as the backup dancers adding that extra layer of care, from healing those pesky chaps to toning down inflammation, which makes for a full-circle technique to lip love.

Picking for high-quality, organic ingredients has many uses and helps you pick out a lip balm that's safe and effective, especially for the DIYers or those mindful shoppers out there. With so many ingredients to choose from, understanding their benefits lets us customize our lip balm to exactly what our lips are craving.

How to Make Sure Your Lip Balm Is Actually Natural

Everything looks "natural" these days, right? But from my own treasure hunt for the genuinely natural goodies. The secret? Always, always check the ingredient list.

Steer clear of anything with petroleum-based ingredients, like petrolatum or petroleum jelly. They're not always great for someone committed to natural care, as they might come along with some not-so-nice impurities. Instead, keep your eyes peeled for the good things - think beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, and really important oils. These guys come straight from nature and are fabulous at keeping your lips soft and happy.

Here's the thing - just because it's natural doesn't mean it lasts forever. Some natural ingredients can spoil, which is no fun. But, good news! There are options like vitamin E and grapefruit seed extract. They help your favorite lip balms stay fresh without the nasty things.

Using a Natural Lip Balm

And oh, those synthetic fragrances, colors, parabens, phthalates, and artificial sweeteners? Just skip them. They're party crashers that might irritate your skin or invite other health issues.

Introducing the packaging. I'm all in for the eco-warriors - paper tubes or recyclable tins are my jam. They keep our planet smiling.

For my vegan pals, it's totally possible to stick to your principles and still keep your lips in great shape. Plant-based waxes are a great swap for beeswax and are friendlier to our animal buddies and the earth.

Packaging and Sustainability

Talking about natural lip balms, we usually zoom in on what's inside but sometimes forget to look at the packaging it comes in. Honestly, how that lip balm is wrapped up matters majorly for our planet. Picking lip balms housed in earth-friendly packages, like recyclable plastics, metals, biodegradable paper tubes, or even plastics made from plants, is a great move. I'm talking about reducing waste and nudging the beauty industry towards a more sustainable beat.

And seeing the whole process of lip balm packaging, from its birth to how we say goodbye to it. Sure, recycling is cool, But remember, some parts are energy hogs that need to be turned back. Compostable options? They're the real MVPs since they break down all on their own. I'm all in for supporting brands that think outside the box and bring us innovative, green packaging solutions.

Natural Lip Balm

Backing these forward-thinking companies is like giving a high-five to the planet. It leads more businesses to wonder about their environmental footprint. When you're out there, picking lip balms and reaching for those with recyclable or compostable wraps make you an eco-hero in the beauty world.

The beauty industry's pivot to sustainability is gaining momentum, all thanks to mindful choices from people like you and me.

How to Best Use Natural Lip Balms

Switching to natural lip balms is like giving your lips a VIP treatment - they keep your lips super soft and looking great with all the good things they're packed with. Let's have a conversation about how you can get the most out of them.

Make slathering on lip balm part of your daily tone, both an SOS when your lips scream for help. Do a quick swipe after meals, sipping your latte, or anytime you step inside from the great outdoors. The goal is to keep your lips feeling pampered and in prime shape.

Keep your lip balms cool and away from the sun, especially if they're the kinds that melt faster than ice cream in July, like those with coconut oil. Pro tip: during those hot months, pop them in the fridge. Your lip balm will thank you for staying solid.

A Person Using a Natural Lip Balm

Guess what? You're the boss of your lip balm. Talk about DIY mode and mix in some olive or hemp seed oil to get the texture just right for your smile. Making your own means, you have the final say on what goes on your lips, which makes sure everything is top-tier and to your liking.

Simple is usually best. Eyes peeled for lip balms starring options like shea butter and natural waxes. They're all about love, nourishing your lips without tossing in anything iffy.

Sunshine and lip balm? It's mostly a love story, but if your balm's rocking coconut oil, maybe skip it when you're planning to bask. Picking the right balm for sunny days means no unexpected plot twists.

Finding The Perfect Blend

Why go natural with your lip care? When you pick a natural lip balm, you're doing your lips a huge like and the planet too. Imagine slathering on a balm that's packed with things that are actually good for your lips - that's what you get with natural ingredients. And guess what? You also get to mix and match until you find the perfect combo that feels like it's made just for you.

Think about it. A simple choice like the lip balm in your pocket or purse can be a big shout-out to be kinder to your skin and the earth. Making your own lip balm or picking up one made with love and respect for our planet might seem like a small step. But lots of small steps can start something big. We have to be picky about what goes into our products and how they're packed, and show some love to brands that are in that green life.

Natural Lip Care

Feeling pumped to talk about the space of natural lip care? Whether you're ready to whip up and improve your own batch or scout out brands that get your health and eco-vibes, it's more than lip service. And the message and the movement towards greener, cleaner living.

Here at Teami, we're all in on natural wellness. Our shelves are stocked with goodies that improve your health and honor our commitment to harnessing the power of nature and doing right by our planet. If you're on a mission to step up your lifestyle and skin health game with natural products, you've come to the right place.